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Aqua Technology Incorporated is a licensed Culligan International Company Dealer / Distributor in the Phillipines. Culligan, established in 1936 is one of the  leading water treatment companies represented in more than 90 countries. We  still remain as the undisputed leader for filters in commercial, household and  industrial establishments. Aquatech has the resources for various water  projects such as installing household  filters that  ensure long term efficiency and viability.  Culligan  and Aquatech are pioneers in using reverse osmosis technology for water  treatment for several establishments in the Philippines.
Mr. Salvatore J. Sollano,  a water treatment expert is the President and Founder of Aquatech. He was the  pioneer of the first installation of a high grade (18 meg/ohm) water deionizing  facility in the Philippines. His goal was to provide better quality of water to  anywhere in the country. The company was previously the sole source contractor  of Subic Navy Base for nuclear grade demineralized water which is used for  aircraft carriers and submarines. Aside from Aquatech, the Sollano family also  owned Purewater of New York and Purewater of Indio, California (Palm Springs)  which were also successful Culligan Dealerships.
Our team consists of trained  service Engineers & Technicians that will help in delivering the best  possible solutions for your water filtration needs. All Culligan equipments we  offer have complete inventory of replaceable parts to serve our consumers  efficiently. With a diverse range of services such as Household Reverse Osmosis  systems for your family’s drinking water, to large industrial projects, service  is always our top priority.
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Culligan Whole House Water Filters
Home Water Softener
Water Coolers


Efficient Water Filtration Management
HE Series Water Softener System
Hi-Flo xN Series Softeners and Filters


Pre Treatment Solutions
Pre-treatment modules  include multi-media filters, softeners, de-alkalizers and chemical treatment,  which effectively prepare feed water for further utilization. This is the first  step to help reduce scale, extend the life of equipment down the line, reduce  maintenance costs and promote consistent production.
Membrain Solutions

Membrane  solutions can help reduce turbidity, suspended solids, dissolved solids and organic substances. This step will help you increase the efficiency of your  equipment and processes, resulting in substantial cost savings and reducing the  need for chemical regenerates, in most cases.

Deionization Solutions
In  this module, charged ion exchange resin reduces mineral ions from water.  Deionization solutions include portable exchange deionization, continuous  electro deionization and automatic deionization. This module extends the lifespan of equipment, contributing to long-term cost savings.
Storage Solutions

Storing purified water for peak instantaneous demand can help reduce capital costs and   streamlines your production process. Storage tanks are available in a variety  of materials and capacities for complete customization.

Distribution Solutions
Additional production needs may at times require specific distribution needs. Furthermore, polishing of water may be necessary based on final water quality requirements. Culligan engineers will work with you to find the necessary pumps and disinfection technologies to provide you a complete solution.

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